About WAOC

Hi there and Welcome to WOAC! My name is Marty T Hawkins and I will be discussing the many Opportunities in the Warehousing & Operations fields each week, Hosting interviews with those that perform the tasks and talk with members of Management that came up through the ranks and chose Operations as their Careers. We’ll talk about ways to turn the Job into a Career, how to get started in the field & set a path to succeed!  Let me say that I am an expert at absolutely nothing but I do have a lot of thoughts and opinions and you’ll find that I share them openly, please take them as just that, my opinions!  We’ll be sharing experiences & thoughts which may just help you achieve the goals and promotions you have planned. Safety is a priority in our field, we’ll visit with the best and keep it in the forefront of our discussions! Please Participate and feel free to request Topics and Comment on our shows, we’d like to bring you information your interested in!