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Welcome back to Warehouse and Operations as a Career, Marty here with you again and I’m excited about todays show. We’ll have a couple of Ladies on the phone with us today from Belmar Integrated Logistics that can maybe help direct us to finding the position we want, get that Job and set ourselves up in the most financially responsible way possible!  Oh, I saw a caption on Facebook this week that read Success – It’s all in your hands, I think I’ve mentioned the podcast before, its Unlocking the Secret to Living Rich, anyway that caption on her page kind of reached out and grabbed me.  We talk about our responsibilities as Applicants and Employees quite a bit here at WAOC and the more people we visit with the more I’m learning just how important we are to our own success!  I think once we think about it it’ll help us project ourselves with the way we want to be seen by our hiring agent or employer.  Anyway, I jumped off topic again, I’ll get back to today’s introductions!  Sharon is a Sourcing Specialist; Recruiting for Light Industrial Positions in the Warehouse fields and Michele is a Benefits Coordinator assisting the new Associates through the maze of benefits companies may offer or participate in and helping us understand them so we can make informed decisions. I’m looking forward to them both sharing a few of their thoughts and opinions with us here today!

Sharon, welcome to WAOC ma’am

So Sharon, tell us a little bit about yourself, I hear you’re a bit of a worldly traveler and speak 3 languages fluently, how’d you get into the Recruiting field, and in particular into filling those Warehouse or Light Industrial Positions?

Michele, now this is actually your 2nd visit with us here at WAOC I believe, didn’t you help us out with a few questions once before, I think we were visiting an outdoor Job Fair Belmar had put on back in July?  So Welcome back!

Now Michele your title is Benefits Coordinator, and I understand you’re an independent supplemental agent and a self-published Author & already working on a second book now.  I bet us op’s guys can keep you busy with all our day to day questions or questions from our significant others?  I assume you enjoy the intricacies of insurance and benefits?

Here at WAOC we talk a lot about our Resumes, the phone Interview and how to really prepare ourselves for that Face to Face Interview, we’ve done several episodes on just those subjects and we really try and stress their importance and what we should, as applicants, do to prepare for them.  If you’ve missed those previous shows try and check them out, we tried walking through the process from like A to Z. Personally I believe the initial Company Orientation is an important part, maybe the most important part of any new job.  It’s where we learn the do’s and don’t policies of our new employer and have the opportunity to take advantage of any benefits that may be offered. And I feel we should take advantage of everything that’s  discussed, most importantly ask enough questions to understand what we’re signing, wither we’re declining it or signing up for something!

So Sharon, our group’s talked quite a bit about the importance of our Resumes and the Phone Interview that we’re hoping to get from them.  Can you give us some examples on what we need to include in our resume and how we should conduct ourselves on that phone interview, what do you look for?

We’ve talked about the importance of being prepared for the Face to Face interview, what do we need to bring with us, both physically, like paperwork and even mentally, what do you want to see and feel from us?

Michele, are we as new Associates in too big of a hurry or maybe just excited we’ve been hired on to focus and pay attention with our Orientation, I hear from recruiters all the time it’s hard to get individuals to sit down and listen to all the information offered? And Why do you think that is?

As applicants, we could be looking, really needing a Job, maybe we’ve been out of work for a while, it’s understandable we’ll approach you and try to sell you on the facts that we’re a fast learner or give me a chance and I’ll show you how good I can be etc.  Sharon, can you share why this just doesn’t work under most circumstances?

Michele, I’m sure you experience the same thing, we’ve been hired, we’re excited and looking forward to that first paycheck.  How can or what do we need to do to be financially responsible to ourselves, I mean our Benefit paperwork is important right?  What can we do to help you explain them to us?

OK, so we’re looking for work, maybe changing jobs or just entering the warehousing world.  Sharon could you walk us through the process, give us some tip’s, share what hiring agents are looking for, what can we do to make sure you bring us on-board, maybe summarize what you want from us?

Sharon, any parting words of wisdom for us today, have you held back one more secret to our success?

Michele, share that one secret you use to calm us down that allows us to focus and think responsibly about our future and our growth where Benefits are concerned?

Ladies I really want to thank you for calling in and visiting with us today, I learned a lot and appreciate you taking the time for our WAOC Group.  We love learning from those in the know on all these subjects and value all our guest’s thoughts and opinions!  Maybe we could get you both to stop in again and share some more with us sometime?

And a Thank You to all of you out there listening in with us each week!  If you’re a Recruiter or Hiring Agent and would like to share your thoughts with the group or a listener with a topic you’d like us to talk about please email us, and don’t forget we’d appreciate a quick follow and Like on both our Twitter and Facebook feeds where we can be found at @whseandops 24/7!  Until next week, think of our responsibilities with our Job, we owe it to ourselves and our families, and of course one of our biggest responsibilities is practicing, sharing and following all Safety Practices!

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