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Warehouse and Operations as a Career is Mobile today visiting a Job Fair, well I guess its more like a Job Expo that Belmar Integrated Logistics is putting on here in the Bishop Arts area in Dallas Texas. I’m Marty and we’re having a great time out here with them!  They have some great music going on and I’m sure were picking up some of the tunes as well.  Everyone’s having a great time, they have a Water Booth set up, it’s really neat, a young lady is talking to the importance of Hydration in warehousing, she had some really good videos on the subject, oh oh I just noticed she’s got some water balloons over there and it looks like a couple of kids are about to get wet!  I may just have to visit the face painting table over there in the corner, OH, there’s a great Safety booth put together, their showing films on Forklift and Electric Rider Pallet Jacks and talking about several other classes they instruct to like Blood borne Pathogens, CPR & AED certifications, Lock out tag out programs & OSHA 10 hour and 30 hour programs.  Over on the other side is the Recruiting table with Job Postings and giveaways, and there’s computers set up accepting applications on the spot!  Over here by our WAOC table is something pretty unique, I haven’t seen many Job Fairs that include a benefits booth where people can ask about insurance offerings and supplemental insurance programs as well as discount programs for theatres, restaurants, theme parks, hotel’s and it looks like even cell phone discounts and rewards. That’s pretty neat, I’ll have to mosey over that way in a bit and check it out, but you can bet I’m staying away from those water balloons! Eww, I see a popcorn machine over there at the water booth, I’ll be over there in a bit too!  The music is a bit load at times so remember we’re not audio experts, just Op’s guys so bear with us today and lets all learn something about applying for a position through a Job Fair!

Since we’re attending a Job Fair I’d assume we’re ready to get that Job and start as soon as possible right?  First, and as week talked about it in Episode 4 titled “The Resume” is our resume.  We’ll need to bring an up to date work history or resume with us!  Building a good detailed and informative resume is preferred but if you just haven’t built one that your happy with be sure to have your work history for the past 5 years with you  and list your duties and responsibilities as well as any kind of equipment you’ve worked with. Not just powered equipment either, I had a guy about a year ago that had used banding machines, he was like a pro at using metal bands used for banding pallets of water meters and it was the last thing he mentioned to me, actually I asked if he had ever seen the banding process, I had a friend looking for someone to band nylon strapping.  He almost missed an opportunity just because he didn’t bring it up!  Anyway, remember we’re going to be selling our talents and experiences to someone that’s really looking for talent in us so let’s share everything we’ve done and can do with them.

Next is an interview, and we talked about The Interview in Episode 5, check it out to refresh your thoughts, its important, may very well be the most important part of our day when at a job fair as decisions or the opportunity for quick decisions are being presented to us on the spot, usually when a company is holding a job fair they have positions ready to be filled right now so we’re fixing to get hired on today!  It’s our responsibility to let that hiring agent know we’re their perfect hire though!

There’s one of the recruiters, let me see if I can grab him real quick!

Visit with John –


I’m still staying away from the water balloons over there but the Water Booth is busy here today, it’s 101 here in Dallas and Ice Cold Water is quite the draw over there.  We here at WAOC talk pretty often about staying Hydrated, in our work it’s really important & I’m learning some things I hadn’t heard before, the videos are really good and informative! Oh there’s the Benefits girl!

Visit with Michele –


As we’ve visited with several people today I’ve picked up on a theme we discuss here at WAOC quite a bit and I believe that’s Communicating or Communication!  I believe Job Fairs can be great venues for getting placed quickly, and through their advertising we’re assured that the position we’re interested in is available for immediate hire so let’s be sure we prepare ourselves for that Interview, have our work history with us, present ourselves well and let that Recruiter know that he or she is talking to their next Star Employee!

We really enjoyed visiting with the crew from Belmar today and appreciate the invite to attend, it was a lot of fun and I know I learned a lot from each of them.  We’d really enjoy coming out and visiting with your company or group and talk about your position and hear about you putting young men and women to work in the Operations, Warehousing and Transportation fields!  Send us an email to and we’ll set something up for your event as well & we’d appreciate a Follow and a Like to our Twitter & Facebook feeds where we can be found at @WhseandOps!  We try and retweet as many job postings as we can and our Facebook feed welcomes all discussions!  As always we’ll end the episode with a Safety thought, Stay hydrated, stay Safe & bring up a Safety topic at your next Safety Meeting!  Safety is the most important task we have!

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