Seeking our New Job and A Visit with Nathan


Hello and thanks for taking a few minutes with us today here at Warehouse and Operations as a Career.  I’m Marty and today I’d like to expand a bit on The Hiring process, well really more on our side of the hiring process or why and how we’re reaching out to the company for a position and explore our expectations.  In a bit we’ll be speaking with a New Hire about his new position, how he arrived at it, how it’s going and get his thoughts regarding opportunities or frustrations that come with that first week on the job!

You know we may just be looking for a job or a paycheck, I hope we’re looking for more, a position, advancement and a Career but hey, we all have bills and we have to work to pay those bills so this isn’t a bad thing really.  I feel if we go into a job with a plan we’ll be much more successful much quicker and I think we’ll be much happier and enjoy our position and look forward to going in every day!  I think we should be planning our advancement and promotion strategy right from the start, really before we even get the job!

We all belong to many more networks than we realize, I mean we have our Friends, and their friends, maybe we have church members or outside sports activities with our children and the team’s parents, even all our social media friends.  A lot of these relationships are local, meaning someone will know something about a company we’re interested in.  Many times, we can find out something about the management team, how things are ran and what others think about them before we ever even apply for a position there. We might even meet someone that works there already.  Remember it’s all about doing our research and planning.

Another important thing, I think it’s better to approach an interview with the mindset of what we can bring to the company, not necessarily what the company can do for us.  We don’t want to go in all arrogant and pushy but I think it’s good for us to be confident and honest with what we can do & make sure we get our work ethics across to them & let the interviewer know we’re committed to the position.

Also remember we carry some of the responsibility for getting and keeping our new job right from the start.  We should be taking our Resume, the phone interview, our face to face interview and our company orientation seriously.  As we’ve discussed if our Recruiter or later in the process our Supervisor or Manager hasn’t answered all of our questions we need to start asking those questions to get our answers!


Three weeks ago with Episode 38 Applied & Hired – Communicate & Success we spoke with Rodrigo a little about changing jobs and how important it is to give a new job a chance or opportunity.  We discussed a few of our responsibilities regarding getting the information we need to be successful and communicating any concerns and frustrations with our supervisors and managers & stay on our career path & goals plan. Our Facility Orientation should prepare us and inform us of the processes and procedures that will help make us successful.  I find that occasionally, maybe due to workloads or even skills or possibly just our expectations our management team may not leave us with or convey that welcoming and fulfilling orientation we need or feel we need.  I think it then falls on us to ensure we ask those questions, and know what questions to ask, so we can stay on our course and our path and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, our managers will appreciate us being involved and engaged with our position.

We have Nathan on the phone with us today, Nathan’s just been hired on and accepted a position at a large Distribution Facility.  Hopefully we’ll be visiting with him over the next several weeks and he’ll be sharing his experiences with us here.

Nathan, Welcome to WAOC, we appreciate you visiting with us Sir!


  • So  share a bit about your background and work history with us if you could? What lead you to our Industry?
  • How did you come about applying for this position, picking the company & how was the hiring experience?
  • We discuss the importance of a good, informative Employee Orientation process quite a bit here at WAOC, I feel it helps us as a new employee.  Would you agree and what was your recent experience.
  • Do you feel, we as employees have a bit of the responsibility to fit in, or to make sure we understand our positions and are able to learn our new task?
  • What do you do when you get to feeling uncomfortable or frustrated about something, either the job or with a coworker or maybe even a member of your management team?
  • So share your thoughts with us, any struggles so far, are there any real concerns as of yet?


Nathan thanks for speaking with us this week, your story & thoughts are really interesting and we look forward to you coming back and updating us in a few weeks on your progress and ideas, What you think Sir?

You know we’ve listened to several of our guests speak about communication over the last month or so, I feel if I had to pick one failure in our industry I’d say it’s open communication.  Yes I’m sure it’s true, many companies & Managers could do a bit better job with it but I see our, lack of or misuse of it as employees is really our biggest wall today.  I feel we have to go over that wall!  We want this job and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking questions when we don’t understand something. We want to do a great job & settle in, getting started with a long-term career!  In my experience, our Supervisors and Managers will see us as excited and motivated individuals and remember we want to be that employee that stands out, up front and center.  There’s nothing wrong with our Boss thinking we want his job, shoot he can’t move up or take that next position until he or she has a replacement for themselves!  There’s our next goal right there!

Oh yeah & don’t forget about the drawing we mentioned in episode 39 A Few Warehouse Clerk Positions and their Tasks, be sure to send us that email and get entered for that $50 gift card, this Saturday is the deadline for entries! We’re getting some great Safety Practices sent in and we’ll be discussing them in a few weeks!  Thanks for listening in today and as always, we hope you enjoyed the show and found something to take away from it!  And we’ll be checking back with Nathan and see how his Orientation process is coming along too.  Let’s all bring up a Safety Topic at tomorrow’s start up meeting, step up, stand out & communicate with our management team and coworkers!  Safety has to be our first task each day!

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