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I hope everyone had a Fantastic week, a productive week and a prosperous week so far!  Today I’d like to talk about Longevity, loyalty, settling in, I’m not sure what to call it but basically discuss the, what appears to be the trend of hopping from job to job.  We’ll have Rodrigo here with us today as well, if you remember he is a Regional Facilities Manager for a large sourcing company and has several Managers and Supervisors working with him at quite a few different locations.  In earlier Episodes, we’ve talked about how to build our Resumes and the different approaches we can use constructing them & how to prepare for the Phone Interview.  We learned its importance and how to use it to get that valuable Face to Face sit down & prove to – or convince our Recruiter that we’re the right person for the job.  After visiting with a few of our guest I think we should have a pretty good Idea of the different positions, what they entail and a few things we should consider about each of them.  And you can always check in on our website  and catch those previous episodes if you may have missed one or two.

How have you been lately Rodrigo and Welcome back to WAOC!

Rodrigo and I were talking about turn over and several positions he was looking to fill recently and I mentioned what I felt like was a trend I am seeing of people accepting a position with a new company and only spending a few hours or a couple of days on the job and just quit showing up or No Call No Showing one day.  I think everyone knows how I feel about the importance of a good strong Orientation and Welcoming is to a new employee and how it can kind of help us settle in with a new job.  Now of course I feel just as strongly that even if our company is lacking a bit in their orientation and welcoming arena we as Employees can help them along by asking questions and participating in our training.  I mean honestly, we want this job, applied and accepted it.  I hope we’ve researched a bit about the company & chose them because what they are offering matches our goals both short and long term and we believe this position has some career potential!

Do you think us being hesitant with asking questions and talking openly with our Supervisors could be contributing to any of this turn over Rodrigo?

How do we change that or those perceptions?

I think you’ve made some very good points, I know I probably bring up Participation too often, but I feel that’s really the word I should be using.  I mean we spend more time focused on our jobs than any other single situation hour upon hour and we participate with our family & our friends in every situation and in every conversation, it’s so easy to do the same with work, and we’re going to need to if our goal is to keep advancing and settling into a career.  And I feel participating is so easy, it’s just talking about and to things we’re really good at, it’s just taking it to the next level.  Startup meetings are easy to speak to & we understand productivity inside out, it’s how we make our money.  Keywords are easily integrated into conversations with our management teams and we’ll catch their attention by using them.

Do you think I over emphasize Participation?

Rodrigo –

You know another thing I hear a lot or seems to upset new associates is Corrective Actions or Warning Write-ups, of course they may not always be administered correctly, but that could be our Supervisors fault and not ours.  I believe we should be viewing them for what they are, we’re just being told about something we may have misunderstood or maybe wasn’t even explained to us correctly, it’s just about something we need to be doing differently.  All too many times I afraid there viewed as getting wacked with a big stick instead of a simple conversation, all that’s happening is that conversation is being documented.  I think we should be using them to our advantage.

How do you feel about Documented Actions?

Rodrigo –

You know more and more I’m feeling like Supervisors and Managers have gotten so busy with reporting and metrics or maybe having to take up slack due to headcount not being what it should be that we as managers are maybe not presenting the new hires with the orientations & training we need to give them what they are wanting or needing.

The cost of turnover is so high, really not measurable when you realize your always starting over.  And if we as new associates don’t do everything in our power or at our disposal to keep that job and do it well by asking questions when the answers aren’t being given to us and participating in every talk and meeting we’re losing out as well and starting over again and again.  I mean it is kind of our responsibility to stay level headed and learn what we need to know.  Being the new boot only last about 2 weeks, we can learn everything we need to know in that amount of time and then get down to the task at hand and our productivity!

Rodrigo –

I hope our Supervisors are not only giving us a strong orientation and a great welcome to the organization but maybe outlining a Career path for us, sharing where each position we could obtain and how to get there, BUT if they don’t we can certainly bring it up, I’m certain they’ll take the time to share it with us!

Rodrigo you brought up some outstanding points today and I enjoyed the visit and I’m leaving with quite a bit to think about.  Thanks for taking the time for us today here at WAOC Sir.

Rodrigo –

And I’d like to again thank each of you, our listeners, for checking out todays episode & we hope you’ll join us again next week!  Please send us an email with any thoughts on todays program or with any subjects you’d like to discuss to and give us a follow on our Twitter feed @whseandops, we discuss all kinds of subjects there.  Have a Safe week ahead, bring up something at your next start up meeting, lets help everyone stay Safe out there!

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