2nd QTR Roundtable Q&A w/Staffing, Recruiting, Safety, Technology and Distribution Management


Hello all, and Welcome back to Warehouse and Operations as a Career. Well, we’re in the 2nd quarter of 2017 & I thought it’d be interesting to check in with some Subject Matter Experts again and maybe get their input on a few of our questions and kind of talk some Op’s Talk! I’m Marty and First up we have John here again, you may remember he visited with us earlier last quarter and shared his thoughts on Temporary Agencies with us, John how have you been Sir?
I asked back another John as well, he visited with us on our first Off-Site interview where we discussed Recruiting and he shared some secrets from a Recruiters side of the fence, John how about we address you as JG today Sir?
Of course you all know Joe, WAOC’s go to Safety guy, Thanks for coming back to visit with us again today!
And to wrap it up we have both Phillip, our official Technologies and WMS or Warehouse Management Systems guru and Rodrigo, our source for all our Operational Concerns back with us today.
Phillip and Rodigo——
Lets start off with a question for John, What type of job opportunities are you seeing & how do you feel the futures looking for our industry or for us just starting out in the Operations fields?
—JG, any pointers you could share with us, what you like to hear during the Phone Interview & what all we should bring to the table for that Face to Face with a Recruiter?
—Rodrigo, how’d the first quarter treat you Sir, I know you’ve got a lot of ground to cover each quarter. As a Facilities and Transition Manager you regularly visit dozens of buildings and companies during the month. What are you seeing or how are you feeling about all the Recruits or New Boots your seeing in the field?
—And a man that really racks up some frequent flier miles, Phillip what part of the country are you in now Sir? — I know you’ve been involved in several startups since your last visit, how do you feel about all the new WMS technologies being installed today & are they advantageous to us as Employees?
—And Joe, quite a bit changed with you since our first quarter roundtable, I understand you completed all the certifications and courses you were chasing. Congrats on that accomplishment Sir, are you seeing everything you’d like to in the realm of Safety, any advice or pointers or points you could share with us today Sir? How are we doing out there?
Listening to all our guests over the last quarter I keep being reminded of the Responsibilities each of us have regarding our own positions, you know, really, wither we’re just starting out or breaking into the industry as a General Laborer, Lumper, or Pallet Runner etc or moving from a utility position into a more skilled position like Forklift Operator or Order Selector we need to get noticed by our Management Team and make sure we ARE their go to person, the one that shows up for every shift and on time every day & willing to learn everything that needs doing. Here at WAOC most of our Goals are to be making more money keep stepping up & possibly earning a position in Management eventually.

John, do you see that companies prefer to go outside the organization or pull from or develop leaders from within their own company?
JG, being a Recruiting Professional, how can we show our worth or our goals to you, even if we’re starting out in a utility position, can we convince you we’re going to be Vice President of Op’s one day & how can we get you to put us in a facility?
Rodrigo, I know you’re really involved in recognizing talent for promotion, how do we get on your radar or get your attention?
Phillip, I understand beside all your facilities work you’re kind of a one man shop when you’re in town and are involved in sourcing, recruiting and hiring of not only G/L positions but Leads & Supervisors as well, what do you look for in us?
Joe, I’m learning Safety touches each of us, no matter what our position is, what advice could you give us as G/L or utility positions and the different approach we need to take as Leads & Supervisors?
I really want to thank each of you for your time today, I learned a lot & we here at WAOC appreciate you sharing your thoughts and opinions with us today. I’m going to be asking each of you back again so don’t think your off the hook now Gentlemen!
And thanks to each of you for listening in with us today, we all appreciate your time, especially your questions and comments. We’d love for you to mention us to your friends and co-workers, participate on our Twitter & Facebook Feeds and send any questions or comments to our email host@warehouseandoperationsasacareer.com.
Until next week, be productive, prosperous & above all practice Safety in your work life & personal life!

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