A Visit with Joe on PPE and Safety


Today here on Warehouse and Operations as a Career we visit with Joe, our go to Safety man and discuss our thoughts and opinions on a few Safety Topics and Tools.  We’ll talk in general about PPE and their importance.  We’ll share a few questions that’s came up or been presented & share our experiences on a few of them.  I looked at a few statistics from www.bls.gov, a great and informational website, one of my favorites for researching, check it out when you have time.

I enjoyed our talk about:

“Why PPE’s are Important”

Steeltoe Boots, Shoes – Composite caps

Safety Glasses

Safety Vests


And we’ll review a few stats I found at https://www.bls.gov/news.release/cfoi.nr0.htm

I really enjoyed reviewing a few of the questions/comments regarding Safety as they relate to GMP’s and general topics such as:

SDS Stations –  know where they are located!

Eye wash & Shower Stations

Equipment batteries

Pallets – don’t stack them too high!

Wet Floor signs – one of our main safety tools

Dock Plates – use caution when working with equipment on them

Trailer Docks – NEVER jump out of a dock door!

Safety Meetings…….  It’s so important to utilize our safety meetings, everyone’s gathered together, it’s a great time to get noticed, use some keywords, share some knowledge you’ve picked up or ask some questions to learn more.

PPE’s are important – Get them, Wear them, it only makes sense, there’s not an excuse not to use them.

As we’re learning, it’s so important we continue to grow, continue to educate ourselves, use key words to get our Bosses attention, share what we’ve read or learned, GET NOTICED, GET ON HIS OR HER RADAR, we want that next promotion or next opportunity & Safety Knowledge is one of the most notable concerns to our managers.  If we’re good at our job, being productive AND displaying a Strong Safety Culture, instilling a safety culture in others, that next job is going to be ours, right?

Joe we appreciate you taking the time to talk with us here at WAOC, your coming back again now right Sir?

And a Thanks to each of you for listening in with us, I hope you enjoyed the topics today and they present value for you in some way or another.   Please email us your thoughts and comments to host@warehouseandoperationsasacareer.com or join our Twitter and Facebook feeds @WhseandOps.  Tomorrow let’s all bring up a Safety Topic at the start of shift meeting and let our Bosses know that we care!

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