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Thanks for listening in with us today!  Since we were talking about one of the Warehousing positions utilizing Powered Industrial Equipment we of course had to start off with a few comments about 29CFR1910.178 again, I know your probably tired of hearing about it if you’ve listened to all our shows but it’s a rule, and as you know I’m a strong believer in practicing every Safety thought and every regulation! I encourage you to go on line at OSHA.gov and check out the entire regulation, it’s very of insightful and we want to be professionals right?

We spoke to a few of the Industrial Lifts today that may be seen in the warehousing fields we’re familiar with, both Electric and Propane, Sit-down Counterbalanced lifts, several Stand-up Lifts and a few Specialized Lifts, all of which could be used in a facility depending on its needs.

Discussing the possible differences between Production facilities and the Distribution environments was interesting.  We reviewed a few of the hazards one could encounter and hit on a few of the many responsibilities the Forklift Driver could be accountable for.

Forklift operation is dangerous, you have to stay focused on the task and there is absolutely no room for horseplay of any type.  We talked about a few of the training topics and scenarios we’ll hear about and learn during our training and the importance of putting what we’ll learn to practice.  We want to be the most Safety conscience operator in our Facility right?  There are Responsibilities that come along with the position, in the job we do and the Safety practices it demands.

In my opinion experience in a warehouse environment is the only path to the Forklift positions, it’s important not to rush it, I’ve known several young people that jumped on a lift too early in their Careers only to get discouraged and face a long term set back regarding the position.  I loved my time on a forklift and learned a lot about product movement and the warehouse, it’s a great position and can be very rewarding.

I hope we answered some of your questions & you feel you got something out of today’s show, please leave us a comment on the website or on our Facebook Page, by participating we can all learn from each other!  Have a great week and let’s make Caution the word of the Month!  Think of a Safety thought and send it to us, I’ll post it on the website and we’ll share it on an upcoming episode!

And check out this link from Ace Equipment I found on Twitter, its very informative! http://www.acelifting.com/blog/tips-operating-forklift/



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    1. Outstanding, it’s a great position! Thanks for listening I glad you enjoyed it Bruce

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