A Career Change – Financial/Auditor to Regional Facilities Op’s Manager


Today WAOC spends a few minutes with Rodrigo, a Regional Facilities Manager with a National Sourcing Company and enjoyed his Career story. He shares his first thoughts regarding Warehousing, coming from a Financial/Auditing position and getting started with a Distribution Center.  We’ll hear about his first day, a long day, and hear how he handled it, struggling with our human nature side, stuck it out and continued learning and advancing!

Rodrigo shares his thoughts on how to get the Recruiters attention and how we can sell ourselves during the Interview process as well as some insight what he looks for in an Applicant and how we can make that Good First Impression.

We discussed our opinions on what we feel makes a good Warehouseman and what it takes to advance and take those next steps as well as a few things we should not do that maybe would throw us off a Career track!

Safety of course being a part of every Warehouse position, we talked about how a little Safety Knowledge can help us get noticed by our Boss & Management Teams.

I hope you enjoy todays Show, I’d like to Thank everyone for listening and ask that you share our Podcast with your Friends, the more people involved the greater learning Opportunity we ALL have!

Enjoy your week, Be Safe & come back next week, we’re going to have a great show, and a New Year!

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