A Career Story to Retirement


Welcome to Warehouse and Operations as a Career, I’m really excited about this week’s Episode!  We’ll be speaking with the gentleman that actually trained me on the High Rise Machine way back in the day.  Mike will be sharing his Job to Career story with us, from the how and why he reached out to Warehousing and the several positions he held during his 26 year Career.  Please leave us a comment on today’s show or something about your experiences in the comment section on our website.  Have a great week and lets be Safe out there, personally and professionally!

10 thoughts on “A Career Story to Retirement”

    1. Thanks for the question RR. Positions pay can vary greatly depending on the industry and task involved. Typically, there is additional courses or teaching and training necessary to advance within a department. As we’re discussing, anyone can apply themselves, educate themselves and make that positive impression and grow within their company. Stay in touch with us and share how its going!

    1. As with any position it can depend on the type of maintenance and the responsibilities. If you enjoy making things work and fixing things I’d suggest checking out any certifications or classes on the type of equipment being used or the building’s needs. Maybe check with that departments Manager, they’d be happy to tell you all about their position i bet! Let us know how it goes Bruce!

    1. Thanks Bruce, yes he is very passionate about the field and his path getting there. Thanks for listening!

    1. Thanks Sam, theirs no doubt in my mind that you are on the path to advancement! Let us know how its going along the way.

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