Interview with an Unloading Manager


Last week we discussed two great breakthrough positions in Warehousing, Sanitation & Unloading, and today we’ll get a few tips and direction from an individual that started as General Labor and set his goals quite high.

Abraham helps walk us through his accomplishments, how he got started, a bit about what unloading or lumping is & the Importance of Safety and Teamwork!

2 thoughts on “Interview with an Unloading Manager”

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you liked it! Lumping is a great position, pay rates could be based on the type of product, the industry, the work environments and the type of compensation, hourly, piece pay or activity based compensation could be a few types. If you’d like to email me I’d be happy to share my experiences with it and what I’ve heard from others. Thanks again for your comments, I enjoy them!

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