Today we’ll be discussing Production, a segment of Warehousing that is sometimes over looked yet a really good place to gain some warehouse experience and hear words and phrases we can use to our advantage.  I think several Production positions can make great and rewarding jobs, and can provide us with an education we can utilize as we grow in the Industry!  We’ll discuss Safety and review a few of our responsibilities as well.  Please leave us a comment or feel free to email me at with any suggestions or topics you’d like us to talk about.  As always lets practice Safety in everything we do!

Interview with an Unloading Manager


Last week we discussed two great breakthrough positions in Warehousing, Sanitation & Unloading, and today we’ll get a few tips and direction from an individual that started as General Labor and set his goals quite high.

Abraham helps walk us through his accomplishments, how he got started, a bit about what unloading or lumping is & the Importance of Safety and Teamwork!

Sanitation and Unloading


We’re on Episode 6 of Warehouse and Operations as a Career and this week we discuss 2 great positions to break into warehousing.  We’ll be talking to the positions of Sanitation, how to use it to reach our goals and Unloading, using these two tasks to gain experiences that will carry us to those next steps!  We touch on Safety and a few PPE’s we can utilize along with some ideas on sharing our thoughts during meetings!  Please share any comments or suggestions with us, lets all learn from each other.  Remember Safety is your Number 1 Priority!

The Interview


Welcome back!  Last week we put our Resume together and hit the street with them so lets get ready for those calls and Interviews!

A quick thought, lets talk for a moment about Social Media, we’ve just asked a lot of people to look and listen to us, we don’t know what all may be looked at.  Lets just keep those pic’s, posts and things thats been shared with us in mind.

Lets discuss the Phone Interview & Face to Face, how to get ready and be prepared.  You’ve Got This!  Who knows more about You than You!