The Resume


Last week we visited with a Recruiter and discovered how important The Resume can be so this week we’ll talk about one way to produce one.  We’ll talk about formats and content, and discuss how to build it as well as review how our friend Jeff from Episode 1 put his together!  Please share what you’ve done with yours or what you think of this format and any suggestions you may like to add.  Next week we’ll be talking about The Interview, it should be fun and interesting.  Remember as always Be Safe, our Family and Friends need us Healthy and Happy!

2 thoughts on “The Resume”

  1. Really good, helped with mine. Have you ever thought of putting it in video, maybe You Tube? It would be nice to see it finished.

    1. I’m glad it helped you Select800! I have thought of maybe doing a YouTube channel, would be very useful for a few of our subjects. If I put one together I’ll let you know. If you’d like to send me your email I’d be happy to scan you his Resume so you could see the finished product!

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