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Welcome to Warehouse and Operations as a Career! Through our weekly Podcast I’ll work hard to share experiences and opinions from those in many of the actual positions of the Industry. We’ll discuss how to get hired on, how to excel at the tasks, goal setting and how to turn the Job into a Career.

After about 38 years in Operations I now find myself with the opportunity to work with many volunteer organizations & companies whose mission it is to help put young Men and Women to work and offer our thoughts and opinions about the positions that can grow into a life long Career. I can promise you the individuals we’ll be speaking with are worth your time, many if not all got their start as I did, on the floor in a Utility or General Labor position and moved or are moving through the ranks towards or into Executive Mgmt positions and chose the job as a career. Although I may mention many companies or vendors in our podcast all those thoughts and opinions will be mine and at no time will I be advertising or speaking because of payment or monies being paid for them. We’ll keep it honest and our one goal is to give you information, education & training to aid you in reaching your Career goals, or helping you set those goals through the experience of others! Please feel free to ask questions, comment on our shows and request Topics or Interviews you’d be interested in, we’ll all learn from each other through that Participation!

On our Upcoming show we’ll have a brief introduction to our Podcast and talk about a young gentleman who is ready to change jobs and the industry he’s been working for 3 years. Please join us, we’ll all learn something and have a good time with it! Please Like & Subscribe to our program so you know of each new posting! Welcome, Thanks & I look forward to next week.

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